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Today: Sun 20th September, 2020

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 1. What do the letters ERB stand for?
 Energy Regulation Board

 2. How many sitting Board Members are there on the ERB Board?

 3. How was the ERB created?
 By an Act of Parliament

 4. How many energy sectors are regulated by the ERB?

 5. What are some of the companies licenced as Oil Marketing Companies by the ERB?
 PUMA, Zambian Road Binders, KAFCO, Mobil Oil Zambia Limited, Total Zambia Limited, Engen Petroleum, Kobil, Gulf Oil, Spectra Oil Corporation, Pegasus Energy.

 6. What does ATAF stand for?
 Automatic Tariff Adjustment Formula. ATAF is a formula that is intended to ensure that ZESCO's revenue base is not significantly eroded because of external macro economic factors. The economic factors that the formula is intended to take into account are foreign exchange currency i.e. depreciation of the Kwacha against the United States Dollars, and inflation (both domestic and international). The formula originated from ZESCO and in 1998, the ERB agreed to allow ZESCO Limited to use ATAF.