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Today: Sun 20th September, 2020

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The criteria for awarding licenses are based on the premise that the Energy Regulation Board must license all undertakings conducting business in the energy sector. By virtue of section 8 of the Energy Regulation Act, Chapter 436 of the Laws of Zambia, it is an offence to operate an undertaking except in accordance with the provisions of the Act and under the authority of a license issued by the Energy Regulation Board. The types of licenses developed so far are:

  1. Electricity

    • Generation of Electricity
    • Transmission of electricity
    • Supply of electricity
    • Distribution of electricity

  2. Petroleum

    • Importation of petroleum feedstock
    • Importation of petroleum products
    • Pipeline of transportation of petroleum feedstock
    • Refining of petroleum feedstock
    • Terminal storage of petroleum products
    • Distribution of petroleum products
    • Retail of petroleum products
    • Road transportation of petroleum products
    • Blending and packaging of lubricants
    • Temporary importation of petroleum products

  3. Renewable and non renewable Energy

    • Processing and marketing of coal
    • Transportation of coal
    • Marketing of coal
    • Manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable/solar energy systems


It is a function of the ERB in section 6 of the Energy Regulation Act to make recommendations to the Ministry the measures to be taken through regulations under the said Act. Under section 27 the Minister may by statutory instrument make regulations with respect to matters required or permitted to be prescribed under the Energy Regulation Act for purposes of giving effect to the Act.

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