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Today: Tue 13th April, 2021

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ERB to Hold Public Hearing in Lusaka on Zesco's Proposal to Revise Electricity Tariffs, Charges and Fees

Further to Zesco's application to revise electricity tariffs, charges and fees for its various customer categories, and subsequent to the public's submissions, the ERB will be holding a Public Hearing in Lusaka on Wednesday 21st November, 2007 at Mulungushi International Conference Centre starting at 08:30hrs.

The Public Hearing on the ZESCO proposal to revise tariffs, charges and fees will be the third held after two were held in Livingtsone on 26th October 2007 and in Kitwe on 5th November 2007.

All those resident in Lusaka and surrounding areas who submitted comments or representations on ZESCO's proposal to increase tariffs, charges and fees will be given an opportunity to make their presentations to the Board.

Members of the general public are welcome to attend. However, only those who submitted written comments will be allowed to address the Board on their comments.

ZESCO Management will be present to respond to the comments and representations raised in the various submissions.

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