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Today: Wed 25th November, 2020

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Pursuant to Section 8 of the Electricity Act Cap 433, ZESCO Limited has applied to the Energy Regulation Board for a review of the current electricity tariffs. ZESCO is seeking an average upward adjustment of 66% for all customer categories i.e. Residential, Commercial, Services, Small Power and Large Power. The application comes against a background of a multi-year tariff framework adopted by ERB in December 2007 that takes cognisance of the need to migrate towards cost reflective tariffs, while ensuring that any upward adjustments in tariffs were matched by corresponding improvement in quality of service.

As indicated during the announcement of the Boardâs decision on the Multi-Year tariff framework, ZESCOâs migration to higher tariffs would be dependent on its performance with respect to agreed Key Performance Indicators.

In addition, ZESCO seeks a mandatory application of a Time of Use (TOU) Tariff for all Maximum Demand customers, which was introduced in 2008 on an optional basis. Under the TOU tariff, electricity use is cheaper during low demand and more expensive during peak demand periods.

The ERB is currently in the process of reviewing the application and will soon invite members of the public to comment on the application before it arrives at a decision, in accordance with the law.

ZESCO was awarded a tariff increase of about 27% on average for all customer categories for the year 2008.

Click the link below to download the full documents

ZESCO Tariff Review ApplicationÂÂ | Â ERB Consultation Paper
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