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Today: Wed 25th November, 2020

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ERB Yet to Consider and Decide on ZESCO Tariff Application

Reference is made to the news item broadcast on ZNBC Television 19:00hrs main evening news on Sunday 29th March 2009 and repeated on ZNBC Radio, 07:00hrs news on Monday 30th March 2009, in which it was reported that the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Water Development Mr. Peter Mumba, had stated that the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) had agreed to award ZESCO a 66% increase in electricity tariffs following ZESCOâs application for a tariff review

The ERB would like to set the record straight on the matter and, in that regard, wishes to state as follows:

Read also the following documents concerning the ZESCO Tariff Review Application:

1. ZESCO Tariff Review Application

. ERB Consultation Paper
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