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Today: Fri 22nd October, 2021

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The creation of this Department was in line with the Mission Statement of the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) that alludes to "safeguarding the interests of consumers". The key responsibilities of this Department are to provide answers to general questions about the ERB and energy undertakings, carry out consumer education and information awareness/dissemination, help consumers resolve complaints pertaining to energy services/products or unfair practices by energy service providers, and report trends on consumer issues and complaints to the Board for appropriate action. One of the main functions of the Consumer and Public Affairs Department is to create public awareness of the Energy Regulation Board and enhance systems for consumer advocacy and dispute resolution. The strategic objective of the Department is to engage in consumer outreach programmes, develop and implement resolution procedures and mechanisms.

Through the Consumer and Public Affairs Department, the ERB pledges to ensure that consumer interests are safeguarded through:

  • Encouraging consumers to first approach the undertakings or service providers;

  • A commitment to receive all complaints however lodged;

  • A commitment to investigate and follow through each complaint;

  • Informing the consumer of the status of their complaint;

  • Ensuring that undertakings have procedures for dealing with consumer complaints;

  • Ensuring existence of Consumer Charter and Consumer Council or Associations; and

  • Carry out consumer outreach programmes.

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